Top Japanese Universities

Top Japanese Universities

Why study in Japan? Having access to high educational standards is enough to convince you? If not, let me tell you about all the safety and peace you may find there. Japan is often ranked as one of the safest places to visit, to study… and to live in, in general. Furthermore, any excuse is good to learn martial arts, right?

Some Japanese Universities are keen on offering sports activities and even on sending students to the Olympic Games. The cherry on the cake is related to tuition fees. While in the USA one may spend $10,000 a year, in Japan tuition fees are around half of it.

So, with no further delays, are you ready for takeoff? Come with me, meet some of the top Japanese Universities according to Times Higher Education’s data, and choose yours!

Tohoku University, Miyagi

If you’re a feminist, this university has a political heritage capable of attracting you. In fact, it was the first university in the country to admit female students. Moreover, it suits one of the most important international students’ needs, as it offers several degree programs in English. As if that were not enough, Tohoku was also the first Japanese university to admit foreign students.

Kyoto University, Kyoto

Get ready to do the math: 21 research and educational centers, 19 graduate

schools, and 10 faculties, in a universe that gathers 22000 students. Kyoto University has three campuses that met 10 Nobel prizewinners. Can you keep up with the standard? Medicine, law, science, engineering, and letters all take place in this institution.

The University of Tokyo and the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo

These two universities are ranked in third place. The first one has facilities spread all over Japan and it is usual for liberal arts students to study for two years in one campus, and then go to another. Meanwhile, the Tokyo Institute of Technology is highly dedicated to research on science and technology.

Kyushu University, Fukuoka

Do you sometimes feel like an Indiana Jones? This is your place. In the Kyushu University Museum, you can find archaeological artifacts and a very special insect collection. In total, there are 7.5 million items in this museum. Join loads of adventurous international students enrolling in the classes, each year!

Hokkaido University, Hokkaido

In 2015, it was considered one of the 100 most innovative universities. Chemistry and ocean science research are included in its top strengths, having had the astronaut Mamoru Mohri as a student there. But Hokkaido University is more than an investigation center. The institution offers gardens, hospitals, and childcare facilities.

Nagoya University, Aichi

Are you into new mobility solutions on earth? Or do you prefer looking up to the stars? Toyota was founded near the city where Nagoya University is established, Soichiro Toyoda – former CEO of the cars company – studied there, and the largest planetarium in the world is around there, as well. The institution is full of history, being the last one of the Japanese imperial universities.

Osaka University, Osaka

Osaka University came up with a motto for 2021 – “Live Locally, Grow Globally”. As you can already see, international reach is definitely aligned with their views, while also having one of the best experiences for foreign students. More than 6600 faculty and staff members are there waiting for your ideas, passion, and determination. Get ready for the challenge!

University of Tsukuba, Ibaraki

Students from North Africa and Central Asia are familiar with this institution. The University of Tsukuba is focused on internationalization issues, but it isn’t all about cooperation among countries. Sports play a huge role in this university, having sent around 70 students to the Olympic Games.

Last but Not Least…

You should also take a look at Akita International University, International Christian University, and Hiroshima University. They are in the top 15 Japanese universities. But regardless of what you choose, if you’re thinking about becoming a student in Japan, you’ll take part in a great education system, able to give you the needed confidence to enter the most competitive jobs. Furthermore, I bet the transportation system is going to impress you. Not to mention the delicious food, of course.

Despite all of these advantages, I do not lie to you: at first, the challenge may seem a bit overwhelming but, as time passes by, all the new knowledge will start paying off. Studying at a Japanese University is a secure investment for your future. So, if you have the chance to go, just grab it.

Arigatou for having stayed with me until the end of this article!

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