Best Japanese Learning App

Best Japanese Learning App

The desire to learn a new language should not be forced, much less out of obligation, it must be something that comes from you, and thanks to globalization and the internet, learning different languages ​​and new cultures has never been easier.

In addition to being a huge differential, you may also be able to live in different countries, not to mention that it brings many cognitive benefits. It can involve the development of memory, bring important skills such as making decisions more easily and quickly, and also help to slow down complicated diseases, such as Alzheimer’s.

We know that languages ​​like French, Spanish, German, Russian, Mandarin, and even Portuguese are very important languages ​​to learn today, but we cannot forget one – Japanese. But why learn Japanese? And where can I find places on the internet to learn the language, easily? Just keep reading this article below to learn more!

Why Is the Japanese Language So Important?

Sure, every new foreign language is always complicated to learn and understand, in the beginning, and it takes a long time before you can become fluent, but that doesn’t mean Japanese is so difficult as to not even try it. So, here are 4 reasons why you’ll want to start learning this incredible language and culture, right away.

  • Get to Know Japanese Culture

If you are already interested in this culture, it is a good first step to start studying the language spoken in Japan. Bearing in mind that while learning, you will surely learn more about the country’s culture, history, and society.

  • It Will Definitely Increase Your Sources of Culture

It’s kind of impossible not to know that Japan is one of the biggest producers of anime, manga, music, games, soap operas, and even movies that are very loved by many people in the world. The bad thing is that this culture and entertainment are often not translated into our language, so that is why learning the Japanese language can open many other doors for you, so you do not miss anything interesting about the country.

  • Great Study Opportunities

Did you know that Japan has high standards of teaching at all levels of education? If you want to study abroad, Japan is a great choice for your future, so understanding your language is crucial for this path.

  • Japanese Tourism Is the Best!

With each passing year, mainly due to the high consumption of its culture, tourism in Japan has been growing steadily, in addition to hosting the Olympics of 2021. Learning the language will allow you to have a unique, intense, and complete experience on your trip.

Top 5 Apps For You to Learn Japanese, Today!

  • Human Japanese

This application is available for many versions, ranging from Windows, Mac, to iPhones and Androids. It has countless features (even in its free version), such as learning vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, conversation, writing, among other things.

  • Bravolol

This app is unfortunately only available for iPhone and Android. It has more than 800 vocabularies and phrases that are used on a daily basis by language beginners and tourists. Bravolol has a parrot as a mascot, which ends up interacting with users, teaching them the language.

  • Learn Japanese WordPower

This app is completely filled with flashcards, which end up helping a lot in its memorization, and it is available for iPhone and Android users. In addition to having more than 4,000 words used in everyday life, it works as a complete guide to cultural perceptions and practical phrases.

  • Busuu

In addition to learning Japanese, on Busuu, you can also learn other languages ​​of interest. The app is available for Android, iPhone, and Ipad, and you can access it on your computer, as well. With it, you can learn the basics of the language, including grammar and vocabulary classes, interactive tests, dialogues with audio, and you can also participate in an online community.

  • Japanese by Nemo

Being available for Android and iPhone, this application teaches you basic words used in everyday life, as well as their correct pronunciations. It comes with a small voice recorder, where users can train their speaking skills by comparing them with a recording of a native Japanese.

Unlike the others, Japanese Nemo is not built on lessons, but through words that will be introduced progressively, and has the aim of developing familiarity, being easily fixed in your memory.

Don’t Lose Your Temper, Don’t Give Up!

Do not let any obstacles to learning a new language get you down! We know that lack of time is the most common one in learning Japanese, but if you can practice even for 10 minutes a day, in one hour, you can reach the level you want.

Make excellent use of the applications, and even though it seems very intimidating, after all, it is a very different language, it may be easier than you think. In addition to the reasons mentioned, there are several other ones why you should learn a new language, like Japanese. Don’t forget the main goal – have fun. Thanks for reading and baibai!

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